Edge Strong is a community driven team training program made for all fitness levels! It is a well-balanced, circuit-based program taught by Edge Personal Trainers that encompasses 5-pillar programming. With state-of-the-art equipment, not only will you have a great workout, you’ll leave being a part of our EDGE team!

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Edge Strong Classes include Foundation, Strength, Burn, SGT, and Recover!



Foundation is a 60-minute introductory based workout that offers exercises to those that are not familiar with working out and gets them motivated in a fun and simple way! This class is for anyone who hasn’t worked out previously, and who wants to start building up their fitness fundamentals.

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Strength is a 60-minute interval-based class to focus on more functional movements and progressive weight training. This class is for anyone who wants to tone up and increase strength.



Burn is a 60-minute, high intensity interval format focused on conditioning and fat burning. This class is programmed with more work time, and less rest in-between sets. This class is for anyone looking to maximize fat-loss and cardiovascular strength!


Strength Group Training (SGT) is a 60-minute partner-based workout with a group up to 12 people which includes a mix of repetition-based movements with progressive weight training and cardio based interval training. This class is for anyone looking to increase strength and endurance!


Recover is our 45-minute class that is built to promote restoration through a mix of active mobility exercises and low-intensity flexibility movements. This class is for anyone looking to increase overall mobility and provide the opportunity to RECOVER!

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